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Status of Daejeon

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Daejeon, the Hub City of Northeast Asia and Perfect Investment Destination

For the past forty years, Daejeon has led the future of the scientific field in South Korea. As such, it is regarded as Korea’s best investment destination.
Per capita GDP (as of 2018) : KRW 27.14 million, 2.2% of national GRDP (KRW 1,900 trillion) : Ranks 6th among metropolitan cities, Per capita personal income: 99.3% of national average (KRW 19.89 million) : Ranks 4th in country (1st: Seoul, 2nd: Ulsan, 3rd: Gwangju) Large view of images
Daejeon Metropolitan City : Area, Population, Economically active population, Exports/imports
Area Population Economically active population Exports/imports
540km² 1.47 million people 806,000 people Exports: USD 4.049 bln
Imports: USD 3.172 bln
(Trade statistics, 2019)
※ (Daejeon Metropolitan City statistics, Dec.31.2019)

Mecca of the R&D and Knowledge Industry

Daejeon is the largest science center in South Korea. Government-funded research institutions and R&D clusters have been formed in Daedeok Innopolis, the best R&D zone in Korea. Here, small and medium-sized businesses in the high-technology fields, such as IT and BTpursue business activities.

Center of Administration in Korea

The Daejeon Government Complex, TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command), Logistics Command are located in Daejeon, and the Government Complex of Sejong is close to it. Daejeon is home to many central administrative agencies, including the Korea Customs Service, Public Procurement Service and the Korean Intellectual Property Office. The city offers one-stop services for various licensing to support foreign-invested companies quickly.

Foreigner-Friendly Environment

A top-class living environment for foreigners has been built in Daejeon. Taejeon Christian International School has introduced the International Baccalaureate (IB) for the first time in South Korea, and high-quality medical institutions, which are exclusive for foreigners, are located in the area. Daejeon plans to provide the best support possible to the business activities of foreign investors by promoting to attract the Daejeon Foreign Investment Zone (FIZ) in the regional hub of the International Science Business Belt.

Investment Qualified Place with International Credit Rating

Daejeon has received a good credit rating from the world’s leading credit-rating agency and is the No.1 city to do businesses. In 2014, Daejeon has acquired a rating of “A+” from JCR, the Japan’s best credit-rating agency, for seven straight years.It also received a credit rating of “Aa2,” which corresponds to the top 3 credit rating of Moody’s in 2015, and has raised its status as a qualified investment destination.