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New and Renewable Energy (Hydrogen)

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Promotion of New Hydrogen-Related Industries and Fostering of Technology-Based Startup Ecosystem

  • The best location for a hydrogen industry cluster due to the proximity of top-notch R&D
  • Attracting affiliated companies and fostering startups in the hydrogen industry

Support Center for Life-Cycle Hydrogen Product Safety

  • Location: Base districts in the International Science Business Belt (Sin-dong)
  • Support Center for the Testing, Evaluation, and Substantiation of Hydrogen Parts and Products
  • A system for the testing, evaluation, and substantiation of life-cycle products in the hydrogen industry can be established
Overview of safety testing/evaluation/substantiation support
Please refer to the information below
Support Center for Life-Cycle Hydrogen Product Safety
  • Product development
  • Performance monitoring
  • Experimental verification: TEST-BED -> Performance enhancement
  • Authentication testing
  • Commercialization
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