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Occupation in Foreign Investment Zones

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Requirements for Occupation

Requirements for Occupation: Category, Complex-Type Foreign Investment Zone, Individual-Type Foreign Investment Zone, Service-Type Foreign Investment Zone
Category Complex-Type Foreign Investment Zone Individual-Type Foreign Investment Zone Service-Type Foreign Investment Zone
Qualifications Investment of KRW 100 million or more and foreign investment share of 30% or more
FDI of 100% or more of the value of the leased site
(within 5 years of the signing of the contract)
  • Manufacturing: USD 30 million or more
  • Tourism: USD 20 million or more
  • Logistics: USD 10 million or more
  • R&D: USD 2 million or more, and 10 or more researchers with master’s degrees and at least 3 years of experience
  • R&D: 5 or more researchers
  • Others: 15 or more employees
Ceiling Factory building area: base factory area ratio by industry to be met
(at least 12%)
Occupation area ceiling: the amount equivalent to 50% of FDI made by occupants
Period Leased for up to 50 years (renewed every 10 years)
  • Leased lands: 10 years (50 years for R&D industries)
  • Leased buildings: 5 years
※ Contracts can be renewed only once within the given period