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Administrative Center of the Republic of Korea

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57 Central Administrative and Government-funded Agencies Relocated to Sejong City

  • Daejeon Government Complex
    Daejeon Government Complex
  • Government Complex Sejong
    Government Complex Sejong

Central Administrative Agencies (42)

Headquarters (22) Office for Government Policy Coordination, Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Korea Fair Trade Commission, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Ministry of Environment, Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Agency for Administrative City Construction, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Employment and Labor, Ministry of Patriots and Veteran Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Government Legislation, Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission, National Tax Service, Ministry of Personnel Management, Ministry of the Interior and Safety (Department of Disaster and Safety Management), National Fire Agency, Korea Coast Guard
Affiliated organizations (20) Tax Tribunal, Korea Lottery Commission, Central Land Tribunal, Aviation and Railway Accident Investigation Board, Korea Maritime Safety Tribunal, Central Environment Mediation Committee, Government Buildings Management Office, National Labor Relations Commission, Minimum Wage Commission, Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Reexamination Commission, Patriots and Veterans Entitlement Commission, Appeal Commission for Educators, Korean Culture and Information Service, Free Economic Zone Planning Office, Mine Registration Office, Korea Trade Commission, Electricity Regulatory Committee, Korea Post, Public Policy Broadcasting Service, Appeals Commission
Affiliated institution : Korea Customs Service, Korean Intellectual Property Office, Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board, Statistics Korea Public Procurement Service, Ministry of SMEs and Startups Large view of images

Government-funded Agencies (15)

Korea Development Institute, Korea Legislation Research Institute, Korea Institute of Public Finance, National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Korea Transport Institute, Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Science and Technology Policy Institute, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade, Korea Labor Institute, National Youth Policy Institute, Korea Environment Institute, National Research Council of Science & Technology, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements

Quick Corporate Welfare Services by Concentrating on the Central Administrative Agencies

Offer one-stop services on licensing for investment companies because there are central administrative agencies of corporate welfare.
  • DCC
  • Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall
    Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall

International Credit Rating Evaluation of Daejeon Metropolitan City

  • Acquired a rating of “A+” from JCR, the Japan’s best credit-rating agency, in 2014 for seven straight years
  • and credit rating of “Aa2,” which corresponds to the top 3 credit rating of Moody’s in 2015.