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Major Industrial Complex Locations

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  • 유성구 : 연구ㆍ둔곡지구, 안산첨단국방산단, 잠대도시첨산단, 대동ㆍ금탄지구, 탑립ㆍ전민지구, 대덕국가산업단지, 대덕테크노밸리, 대덕연구단지, 남세종IC, 유성IC, 북대전IC
  • 서구 : 서구평촌산단, 대전광역시청, 서대전IC, 안영IC
  • 중구
  • 동구 : 하소산업단지, 판암IC, 남대전IC
  • 대덕구 : 대덕평촌지구, 대전산업단지, 대전IC
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Customized Industrial Complex

  • Increasing demand for multi-industrial complexes with pleasant residential environment and research and education functions and for small and medium-sized customized complexes
  • The importance of technical innovation and industry-academic-research institute cooperation transforms industrial complexes into multi-purpose urban spaces.
Existing systems : Industrial facilities, Commercial & business facilities, Residential facilities, Logistics facilities, Multi-use urban space : Mixed-use lands (industrial, commercial, business, residential and logistics), Limitations of existing industrial complexes, Stalled growth engines, Outdated or deteriorated facilities, Changes in perception of the difference between industrial complex and manufacturing plants, Changes in industrial trends, Need for new growth engines, Demand for creative ideas Large view of images