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DICA to diversify its VR and AR projects this year

According to Yonhap News,

Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (DICA) announced on December 13 that it has seen remarkable accomplishments in VR and AR technologies.

DICA has been selected as a regional base to carry out the strategy of developing VR and AR technologies in conjunction with 'defense' and 'science,' the two specialized industries of Daejeon. Since last year May, DICA has received the two-year national fund of KRW 2.6 billion.

Since being selected as a government-sponsored project, DICA has supported a total of six local companies as well as various projects such as building VR·AR special equipment and facility infrastructure, supporting local VR content production, and product commercialization. As the result, it has produced 4 defense tactical training contents and 2 science education contents.

A source from DICA said, "The support project produced a visible result of 22 new employment. We plan to increase sales by selling products to commercial facilities such as military-related organizations and VR game rooms.

DICA will launch a 'VR/AR Test Bed' on the third floor of the CT Center, which will have various equipment including a head mounted display(HMD), a simulator and a multi-user VR to support companies creating and testing contents.

DICA conducts an education for the public to expand the industry scope, an employment training, and a training of staff members to strengthen the company's capability.

To support commercialization of Daejeon based companies' contents, DICA has supported participation in exhibitions from 16 companies and has carried out promotion and consultation support projects.

An official from DICA said, "Combining diverse contents created from Daejeon's Studio Cube, Global Game Center, and Webtoon Campus with new technologies of VR and AR will produce a great synergy effect, which will lead to increased corporate sales and creation of more jobs."

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** This article was translated from Korean.

Source: Yonhap News (December 13, 2018)