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Daejeon opens a public competition of blogs to promote the city's brand

On July 30, Daejeon City announced that it will hold a public competition of blogs to promote its city brand in the occasion of "2019-2021 the Year of Daejeon Visit".

The subject of the competition is "a tour map of Daejeon's things to see, eat, and enjoy". Participants are encouraged to create content featuring Daejeon's tourist attraction, festival, culture, history, people, and famous restaurant in the forms of a free-style bog content such as writing, picture, video, web-toon, card news, among others.

A review committee consisted of three external experts will deliberate on the content, awarding KRW 1 million to one best work, KRW 600,000 to four excellent works, among others.

Participants should submit their works via email by October 27. The final result will be announced on the city's official blog in November. For more details, contact the office of the city's spokesperson.

Source Text

** This article was translated from Korean.

Source: Newsis (July 30, 2019)