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Daejeon city to revamp community districts of the Daejeon Logistics Complex boroughs

According to Newsis,

The city of Daejeon unveiled an urban renewal plan on Jun. 4 to revamp community districts of the Daejeon Logistics Complex boroughs, taking rapidly changing business climate in the retail-logistics industry into account.

The city started to find those commissioned to do research work to examine business validity for the logistics center-rehab project, targeting South Deajeon Logistics Complex, believed to show a dramatic improvement in operation as the place has formed in-country logistics networks, in which retail businesses in Korea has been increasingly agglomerated recently. By reviewing the study result of accessibility and landscaping, the city government will release a project outline. Details of the plan will be adjusted going through a course of hearing and committees’ deliberation.

The city is now running two city-level logistics centers, Daejeon Logistics Complex and S. Daejeon Logistics Complex, which facilitates nearly 160 small and large retail- logistics businesses. The largest online retailer in Korea lately announced its investment plan to move into the logistics hub in the city.

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Source: Newsis (Jun. 4 , 2020)

** This article was translated from Korean.