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Daejeon city – KGTC teamed up to run local product safety center

According to Newsis,

The city of Daejeon signed a mutual partnership deal with Korea Gas Technology Corporation (KGTC) on Oct 29 for outsourcing management over product safety center to test and guarantee service quality at every step of business cycle of hydrogen economy. Under the detailed provisions of the contract, KGTC agreed to send a group of in-house specialists in charge of the center construction project, whereas the city government takes the role of funder, financing nearly KRW 1.5 billion to cover annual operating expenses and extra charge to serve the center for a decade from the year 2022. Once the center kickstarts its service, KGTC will add larger pool of human and financial resources for effective management.

With the aim of letting the center go into full service from 2022, the city has funneled as much as KRW 28.5 billion into the construction project on a 7,000㎡ site near Youseong-gu in Daejeon city.

It’ll facilitate two separate buildings for testing(GIA: 2000㎡) and system installation(GIA: 700㎡), equipped with 18 different series of testing machines and devices for inspection. Serving as a local testing ground to evaluate quality at product development stage, the center will help businesses developing hydrogen solutions further expand market presence.

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Source: Newsis (Oct 29, 2020)

** This article was translated from Korean.