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KIMM hosted 2020 Global Forum on Mechanical Engineering online on Nov 11

According to Yonhap News,

A large festival where visitors were able to catch a glimpse of the future of robot technology incorporated in our society from robot arms to high-tech surgical instruments was held online on Nov 11, sponsored by Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM) under the theme of “Robots, born to assist humans”. The event, 2020 Global Forum on Mechanical Engineering, was designed to bring stakeholders of public-private sectors together to catch up the latest R&D trends and outlook of many different applications and benefits of robotic in both commercial and healthcare sectors, while sharing insights to make the industry more competent. The head of NAVER LABS showcased a robotic arm, named AMBIDEX, and its newest version of self-driving vehicle “AROUND”.

AMBIDEX is a robot arm marked by its innovative mechanisms that applied motion intelligence, a technology platform capable of precisely identifying and imitating irregular pattern of human behavior, to hardware for the first time.

AROUND is an autonomous guide that provides guidance indoors in the absence of GPS through AR navigation, widely applicable to delivery robots.

In celebration of the event, the head of KIMM said “With surging demand for contact-free tech solutions due to the recent coronavirus, everyone’s eyes are on the human-robot collaboration technologies. Visitors will be assured that the venue will become the perfect place for open-discussion to help the industry further competitive.”

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Source: Yonhap News (Nov 11, 2020)