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Daejeon Univ- Daedeok-gu signed an MOU for innovation driven growth

According to Newsis,

Daejeon University signed an MOU on May 3 with Daedeok-gu of Daejeon city to build up a mutual partnership through which both can work together to give a boost to locally based businesses in need of help for innovation-driven reciprocal development in the community.

Under the contract reached upon, both agreed to provide what’s called ‘Capstone design’, a culminating course offered to undergraduate students, letting them work in teams to learn designing, developing and testing prototypes and to run on-site training courses to experience in real world settings; to form a committee as part of technology exchange programs; to help community tech-firms bring out innovations fully employing resources and infrastructure; create virtuous circle for sustainable development in the community economy; and to create jobs.

Laying out a plan to set up a family business within the community, Daejeon University will run a special committee to offer science education for the incumbent workers.

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Source: Newsis (May 3, 2021)

** This article was translated from Korean.