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Daejeon-si to hold Robot Convergence Festival online

According to Newsis,

Daejeon-si announced that it will hold the '10th Robot Convergence Festival' online from September 24 to 26.

The Robot Convergence Festival is industry-academia-research high-tech robot event, held every year since 2021, laying the foundation for local companies to enter the robot market through nation-wide robot competitions.

During the festival, robot competitions in 38 categories in 19 fields, operated by 8 organizations, will be held.

There will be the 2021 International Youth Robot Competition, Chungnam University's Intelligent Robot Competition, Mokwon University's Create Contents Maker Competition, Seoul National University of Science and Technology 2021 SRC Robot Competition, and the 23 International Robot Olympiad 2021 Korean Qualifying Round.

Participants will either receive a mission online, then submit the mission performance video online, or remote control a robot in the stadium by connecting with a mobile phone at home.

The competitions are open to anyone belonging to the age group of each competition, such as elementary school, middle school, and the general public. The application period and how to apply can be found on the website of the Robot Convergence Festival.

In addition, there will be events where the region's leading robot companies participate, such as self-driving car AI mission challenge competition by Saeon, intelligent creative robot competition organized by M-Tech, and Polygonade AI drone competition by Interboard.

A city official said "we will host a robot competition of new paradigm that suits for the post-COVID era," adding "we hope this event will serve as an opportunity for local robot companies, which had struggled due to COVID-19, and for participating students to experience contactless robot education."

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Source: Newsis (September 24, 2021)

** This article was translated from Korean.