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Osong High-tech Medical Complex
Establishment of Osong High-tech Medical Complex

Establishment of Osong High-tech Medical Complex


Category Osong High-tech Medical Complex
Inside Osong Bio-health Science Technopolis (1,131,000 ㎡) located in Gangwoe-myeon, Cheongwon-gun, North Chungcheong Province
Attracted Companies
Health and medical companies, hospitals, universities, and research institutes
Blueprint for Complex
- Research Support Facilities : Bio Resource Center, Laboratory Animal Center, New Drug Clinical Test & Production Center
- Research Center : Corporate and university research institutes from both home and overseas, and clinical test agencies
- Convenience Facilities : Communication Center and Venture Research Center
Project Period
- 2009-2012 : Establishment of Core Infrastructure, research support facilities, and convenience facilities
- 2013-2038 : Research & development, clinical trials, and commercialization
Project Budget
8.6 trillion won (a 82-trillion-won increase in production and creation of 380,000 jobs)

Blueprint for High-tech Medical Complex

Plot Plan for Facilities