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Myeongji International City

Planned layout for Myeongji International City (Single detached houses, Block-type detached houses, Multi-unit dwellings, Neighborhood facilities, Commercial facilities, Multi-functional land, Business facilities, Land for R&D facilities, 
Logistics-related facilities , Pedestrian walkway, Parking lot, Gas stations, Government office buildings, Schools, Kindergartens,
Convenience facilities/Amenities, Neighborhood park, Children’s park )

Myeongji International City

An international business center with the ideal environment

  • Location : Myeongji, Sinho and Daejeo-dong in Gangseo-gu, Busan
  • Area : 13.3㎢
  • Period : 2003 ~ 2016
  • Target businesses : International business complexes, housing for foreigners, foreign schools and hospitals for foreigners

Myeongji International City, situated in the southeastern region of Busan-Jinhae FEZ, will be developed into an international business center containing the idea residential complexes, public institutions, multinational companies and international education institutions that will meet the expectations of the people moving in from the West Busan region.

Myeongji International City
Classification Functions Facilities
  • Provide international exchange and business support services
  • Integrate business and support functions to attract investment and facilitate corporate activities
  • International organizations, MNC HQs, trade centers, public institutions, etc.
  • Service facilities - international finance, law, management, tax, accounting
  • Other offices, hotels, shopping complexes, cultural centers, etc.
Marine cluster
  • Create a marine cluster to secure a competitive edge over nearby international ports
  • Integrate maritime industries and related service fields
  • Marine services - ship finance, marine insurance, brokerage, law, accounting, consulting
  • Marine transportation - equipment supply, towing and piloting
  • MNC headquarters/ branch offices, public & private organizations, educational facilities, research institute
Education / Research
  • Core research facilities with strong research capabilities
  • Educate & cultivate human resources
  • Develop & transfer leading technologies
  • Inter-operate between industry, school, and research institutions
  • National/public research institutes subsidized or invested by government
  • Specialized education colleges capable of creating venture businesses
  • Subsidiary research institutes of corporations, private research institutes, R&D center, etc.
Housing / Support
  • Meet the expected housing demand for the population moving to the western Busan and BJFEZ
  • Create a pleasant living environment including close proximity between work and home
  • Build residential complexes and schools for workers in foreign corporations operating in BJFEZ
  • Residential areas - independent housing, apartments, commercial & residential complexes
  • Convenient facilities - athletic, educational and cultural
  • Residential complex for foreigners and foreigner support facilities (schools, hospitals, recreation and leisure facilities)