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Jeju Healthcare Town

■ Investment Advantages

ㅇJeju Healthcare Town, Asia’s best medical complex
- Connecting medical service, tourism and research capacity
- Providing a specialized global medical tourism environment

■ Project Overview

ㅇLocation: Donghong-dong and Topyeong-dong, Jeju-si
ㅇArea: 1,539,013 m²
ㅇInvestment: 2008-2018
ㅇGoal: creation of medical and research facilities; foreign medical centers, commercial and accommodation facilities, recreational and cultural facilities, etc.
ㅇMedical Industry Office: 064-797-5715

■ Project Introduction

Dreaming of becoming a medical tourism industry mecca
As interest in health and healing continues to grow around the world, changes are taking place in the medical tourism industry. As such, Korea designated the medical tourism industry as one of the 17 new growth industries in 2008, and has since been waging a full-scale effort to nurture it as such, while the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province as well has been cultivating its local medical tourism industry as a next-generation growth engine in combination with the island’s wondrous natural environment and medical services.

Medical complex for medical services and R&D
Jeju’s Healthcare Town was designated as a core project according to the 2006 Jeju International Free City Comprehensive Plan, and a full-scale effort was launched in 2008 to create the Jeju Healthcare Town as a medical complex that connects medical services with tourism and R&D.

Opportunities to secure foothold in global medical tourism industry
Since China’s Greenland Group (a public company affiliated with the Shanghai city government) made its first investment in 2011, construction of the first stage condominium was completed in July 2014, and currently construction is ongoing for the second stage of the project, which will result in the Healing Spiral Hotel, Healing Town, Wellness Mall, and Healing Science Garden. Approval of the Korea’s first foreign medical institution (tentatively titled the Greenland International Hospital) by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in late 2015 is thought to be an opportunity for Jeju to get a head start in the race to dominate the global medical tourism industry.

Working with the local community
Active support of the local community was essential in pushing forward with the project. Various efforts were made to win the hearts of the local residents, providing daily necessities to senior citizens who live alone, holding social gatherings, medical volunteer activities, and supporting family events. In 2016, a cultural exchange event was held with foreigners who live in the Healthcare Town, local residents, investors and representatives of related organizations, creating a space for coming together.

Healthcare Town, a new growth engine of Jeju
Operation of the town is expected to begin in earnest in 2017. Korea’s first foreign medical institution is set to open this October, and other measures are being taken to fully prepare for the opening, including final checks on other support facilities. In the future, by attracting medical tourism seminars and core medical facilities. JDC will continue to contribute to the creation of a new source of profit for Jeju. JDC will not stop until the Healthcare Town becomes a leading medical tourism complex not only in Korea but in the world.

■ Project History

ㅇ‘Jeju International Free City Comprehensive Plan’s new core project confirmed and announced (December 2005)
ㅇCity management plan confirmed (December 2008)
ㅇDevelopment project implementation approved, implementation plan authorized (designated as tourist complex) (December 2009)
ㅇDesignated as Jeju Investment Promotion District (November 2010)
ㅇJDC and China’s Greenland Group sign MoU (October 2011)
ㅇForeign medical center (Greenland International Hospital) establishment approved by Ministry of Health and Welfare (December 2015)
ㅇConstruction ends (September 2016)

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