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Hwasun Marina Port Project

■ Investment Advantages

ㅇDeveloping a world-class marine tourism hub-type marina port in Hwasun
- Develop into a Northeast Asian port of call for cruise ships and yachts that connect Jeju with China and Japan
- Sustainable development into a port where natural wonders, recreation, marine tourism and leisure activities all come together

■ Project Overview

ㅇLocation: Hwasun Port
ㅇPeriod: 2016 – 2021 (6 years)
ㅇInvestment plan: amount to be finalized upon public recruitment of developer
ㅇMain facilities: infrastructure such as breakwaters, mooring facilities, club house, commercial and accommodation facilities, etc.

■ Location

■ Project History

ㅇRevised First Marina Port Basic Plan announced by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (July 2015)
ㅇWork begins on blueprint for Hwasun Marina Port (November 2016)
ㅇBasic design for Hwasun Marina Port confirmed (April 2017)

■ Prospects

ㅇSecuring a foundation for the creation of a marina port for yachts in the center of Northeast Asia
ㅇRevitalizing the local economy by increasing the number of super rich visitors who buy increasingly larger and more luxurious yachts
ㅇNurturing a new, creative Jeju-type convergence industry for yacht manufacturing, sales, management, rental businesses, and thereby creating jobs

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