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Major Industrial Complexes

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Wanju Techno Valley Industrial Complex, an Advanced Industry Hub in Northeast Asia

■ Development Strategy

  • Location : Janggu-ri, Bongdong-eup, Wanju County, North Jeolla Province
  • Size : 1.314 million
  • Targeted Industries
    - Carbon materials, advanced parts and materials, automobile, machinery, etc.

■ Transportation

  • Expressway : Honam Expressway Iksan IC ↔Seoul (2 hours)
  • Railway : Wanju (KTX)↔Seoul (1 hour and 36 minutes)
  • Airport : Gunsan International Airport (30 minutes)
  • Port : Gunsan Port (30 minutes)

■ Infrastructure

  • Water: Industrial water 30,000㎥/day, water for living 22,000㎥/day
  • Electricity : Installed substations in districts (154KV/22.9KV)
  • Gas : Jeonbuk City Gas
  • Wastewater: Installed a final wastewater treatment facility (27,000㎥/day)

■ Expected Effect

  • Develop a specialized industrial complex by attracting carbon and advanced parts and material-related companies
  • Build a hub of regional technological innovation by supporting high-quality workers, facilities, research equipment, technology information, funding and management based on industry-academy-government cooperation
  • Plan to establish an optimal investment climate by concentrating R&D facilities