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Major Industrial Complexes

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Saemangeum Industrial Complex, Global Business Hub

■ Development Strategy

  • Location : In Saemangeum reclaimed land (near Gunsan City)
  • Size: 18.7㎢
  • Period: 2008~2018 (in phases)
  • Industries to Attract
    Industries Targeted in Near Future
    - Green technology industries (Wind power, solar power)
    - Parts Manufacturing Industry (Automotive parts, shipbuilding equipment)

    Industries Targeted in Mid- and Long-Term
    - Green Technology Industry (Fuel cell, LED lighting applied)
    - Parts Manufacturing Industry (Machine parts, space aviation)
    - Advanced convergence industry (New materials, nano convergence)
    ※ IT convergence system / biotechnology, high added-value foods / RFT

■ Transportation Infrastructure

  • Expressway : Seohaean Expressway IC(Gunsan, East Gunsan↔Seoul(2 hours)
  • Railway : Iksan (KTX)↔Seoul(1 hour and 6 minutes)
  • Airport : Gunsan International Airport (10 minutes)
  • Port : Gunsan Port (5 minutes)

■ Infrastructure

  • Water Supply: Industrial water 156,000㎥/day (Keum River Lake, near Keum River),
    Water for living : 19,000㎥/day (Yongdam dam)
  • Electricity Supply : Completed Saemangeum substation(345KV), two lines of 154KV
    Supply electricity to substations in industrial districts
  • Supply electricity to substations in industrial districts
  • Wastewater Treatment: Installed a final wastewater treatment facility (Treat 33,000㎥/day)

■ Expected Results

  • Build an eco-friendly industrial complex with industrial and living facilities
  • Develop a green city that has 20 percent of total industrial complex as green areas, creating harmonry with nature and advanced industries
  • Achieve the most optimal investment climate with general bonded area where customs duty are exempted
  • Lead future advanced industries including parts and materials, machinery, automobile and shipbuilding