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Long-Term Loan

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Foreign Direct Investment Flowchart

Please refer to the information below Please refer to the information below
  1. Conclusion of Contract
  2. Foreign Direct Investment NotificationKOTRA, foreign exchange bank(Immediately)
  3. Loan Remittance
  4. Deposit the Loan(Immediately)
※ Long-term loans may be provided only when equity investment has been made by the foreign investor.
Conclusion of Contract
Conclude a contract for a long-term loan between a foreign investor (loan provider) and a foreign-invested company.
Foreign Direct Investment Notification
A foreign investor is required to pre-notify FDI to the Foreign Investor Support Center in KOTRA headquarters or a foreign exchange bank.
Remittance of Loan
The foreign investor (loan provider) remits the loan to the corporate account of the foreign-invested company.
The loan amount is deposited into the corporate account of the foreign-invested company by the loan provider in accordance with the foreign investment notification.
Foreign Direct Investment Notification of Long-term Loan
  • 2 copies of the notification form
    Attached Form 2 of the Enforcement Rules of the Foreign Investment Promotion Act: Notification of foreign investment in the form of a long-term loan
  • Foreign investor (loan provider)’s certificate of nationality
  • Document certifying investment relations with an overseas parent company or a parent company
  • Copy of the loan contract
  • Where an agent files an application: Power of attorney and the agent’s identification
※ Contact: KOTRA Investment Consulting Center (1600-7119)