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Rules of Employment

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Preparation and Report of Rules of Employment

Employers hiring ten or more employees should prepare rules of employment and report them, as well as any further amendments of those rules, to the Minister of Employment and Labor.

Matters to Include in Rules of Employment

  • Matters pertaining to the beginning and ending time of work, recess hours, holidays, leaves, and shifts
  • Matters pertaining to the methods of determination, calculation and payment of wages, the period for which wages are calculated and paid, and pay raises
  • Matters pertaining to the methods of calculation and payment of family allowances
  • Matters pertaining to retirement, retirement benefits, bonuses, minimum wages, etc.
※ Related law : Article 93 of the Labor Standards Act

Amendment of Rules

An employer may amend the rules of employment by a majority of votes of labor union members if there is such a labor union, or otherwise by a majority of votes of the employees if there is no labor union. When the amendment is deemed unfavorable to employees, however, the employer is required to obtain the consent of a majority.

Effect of Violation

If a labor contract includes any term or condition of employment which falls short of the standards of labor as provided for in the rules of employment, such part shall be considered null and void, and instead shall be governed by the standards provided for in the rules of employment.