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Characteristics of Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply in the Republic of Korea

The standard voltage in South Korea is 220V. Electrical appliances which operate only at 110V, will need to be used with a 220V to 110V converter or a transformer.
Cooking Gas
Turn the small knob in the middle of the hose connecting to the gas stove and turn the knob under the burner until the flame ignites. Be sure to close the knob on the hose after use. When using LPG or city gas, regular gas safety checkups are critical. For city gas users, the gas company sends out an engineer for safety checks once every six months (besides submitting the meter reading monthly). LPG users are responsible for conducting their own safety checks or contact the LPG supplier for assistance.
Water Supply
Korea boasts high quality drinking water. It ranked 8th in the United Nations’ Global Drinking Water Quality Index. Arisu, tap water supplied across Seoul city, is potable as it goes through ten processing stages and various phases of water quality testing before reaching the tap. Seoul citizens drink boiled Arisu and use it for cooking.