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Landline and Internet

Most Korean telecommunications companies provide services for landline phones, internet phones, mobile phones, internet connections, and internet TV. The country’s major mobile telecom service providers include KT Olleh, SK Broadband, and LG U+. Services can be applied for by phone or at service provider’s websites. Once an application has been submitted, a technician will be sent out for installation. Users are subject to service expenses, including subscription fees, basic rates, and device rental fees (modem). It is recommended that users check rates and benefits offered by different service providers before subscribing. In general, contract periods are set at one, two, or three years, granting partial discounts in rates. Premature termination of a contract may result in penalties. Service providers offer detailed information about their various products on their websites, and users may purchase services that suit their needs. Customers who use bundled services or packages (a set of combined services, including internet, phone, mobile data, etc.) will be offered discounts on service fees.
※ To subscribe, foreigners must present their passports and alien registration cards.

Mobile Phones

Major telecom carriers, such as SKT, KT, and LGT, offer customer service in foreign languages, including English, Chinese, and Japanese. This allows foreigners living in Korea to subscribe to a mobile service or choose a mobile payment plan with ease and convenience. Foreigners users may choose either prepaid cell phone service or a postpaid service plan by which charges are accrued based on actual usage. In general, prepaid service fees are higher than postpaid phone fees, but as they do not require two- or three-year contracts, they may be more suitable for foreign users expecting short-term stays. Users are required to present passports for an immediate connection to prepaid phone service. To use postpaid service, though foreign users must adhere to the same subscription procedures as Korean citizens, there are differences in details, such as the number of devices able to be used, the eligibility for monthly installments, and exemption of subscription deposit according to the status of sojourn. It is therefore recommended that users carefully check contractual details before subscribing.
※ To subscribe, foreigners must present either alien registration cards or domestic residence cards. Payment can only be made by a bank account or a credit card under the subscriber’s name.