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Biz-friendly Enviroment

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Power of K-Culture
The Global Phenomenon from Korea
*Source: Government of Korea (2023)

Digital Platform Government:
A Paradigm of Convenience

  • Public Services Reimagined
    1,500 Services on a Single Platform
    With every essential service just a click away, Korea's digital government platform simplifies procedures, making business operations smooth and efficient.
  • Private Sector Empowerment
    OPEN Data Initiatives and AI Integration
    Open Data Portal offers all public data generated, acquired and managed by public institutions through a single portal, ensuring easy and convenient use of public data for citizens.
  • The Paperless Promise
    Zero Paperwork by 2027
    Embracing sustainability, Korea is on track to eliminate paper-based processes, ensuring an eco-friendly and streamlined business environment.

Policy Reform: Paving the Path for Progress

  • Regulatory Reform with Sandbox doption
    Korea's regulatory sandbox has already seen over 1,035 cases, allowing new industries and technologies to test and grow without the usual restrictions, catalyzing innovation and adaptation.
  • Addressing Industrial Relations and Unresolved Issues
    Through continuous dialogue and reform, long-term industrial challenges are being resolved, establishing a stable foundation for business operations.
  • Labor Reform for a Win-Win Workforce
    Labor reforms are ensuring a flexible, law-abiding, and mutually beneficial environment for employers and employees alike, promoting harmony and productivity in the workplace.

Korea's Commitment to Business Prosperity
Your Success is Our Success

Korea's dynamic approach to creating a business-friendly environment is designed to support your venture's growth and success. Here, innovation flourishes, industries thrive, and businesses find a supportive ecosystem tailored for a prosperous future.