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Initiatives for a Sustainable Future

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Initiatives in Asia, Africa and more

Korea's Vision for a Greener Tomorrow

40% GHG Reduction(from 2018 base by 2030), NET ZERO by 2050
Climate Tech USD 107 B by 2030. 100,000 Jobs and 10 Unicorns
Renewable & hydrogen Energy 23.7%(2030), Future Car 4.5M(2030), Nuclear Energy 32.4%(2030)
*Source: Presidential Commission on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth(2023)
  • A Commitment to
    Carbon Neutrality
    Achieving Net Zero by 2050
    Embarking on an ambitious journey, Korea aims for a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2018 levels by 2030, setting the stage for a sustainable, carbon-neutral future by 2050.
  • Investing in Climate Technology
    USD 107 Billion by 2030
    With substantial investments directed towards climate tech, Korea is nurturing a thriving ecosystem for green innovation, forecasted to generate 100,000 jobs and create at least 10 unicorn companies within the decade.
  • Advancing Renewable and Nuclear Energy
    A Balanced Energy Mix for the Future
    Korea is on track to increase its renewable and hydrogen energy capacity to 23.7% by 2030 while bolstering its nuclear energy output to 32.4%, ensuring a reliable and clean energy supply.

Driving Global Change Through ODA

Green & Digital ODA(ODA Amount(USD))
Recipient countries 130+, Projects 1,840, Implementing Agencies 45
*Source: ODA KOREA(2023)
  • Expanding Development Assistance
    USD 7 Billion by 2030
    Korea’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) aims to double by 2030, amplifying its impact on green and digital projects across over 130 countries, supported by 45 implementing agencies.
  • A Decade of Growth in ODA
    Tripling the Investment Since 2010
    From a 1.2 billion USD investment in 2010, Korea's ODA has grown threefold, reflecting an unwavering dedication to fostering global development and digital transformation.

Join Korea’s Movement Towards Global Sustainability

  • Platform for Caring & Sharing 'People'
    Fostering Education and Innovation
    Through international cooperation, Korea shares its expertise in education, innovation, and technology, contributing to global knowledge exchange and capacity building.
  • Be Part of the Change
    Korea invites global partners to join its initiatives, driving positive change and creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous world for all.
    Technology for Humanity
  • Sustainable Living with Nature
    Asia, Africa, and Beyond
    As we continue to build bridges over the vast oceans and create pathways in the skies, we invite businesses, investors, and visionaries to join us. Together, we can forge a future that is interconnected, prosperous, and boundless.