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Invest KOREA Bulletin March 2014
investkorea bulletin
Download a PDF of the full Invest KOREA Bulletin here
We've compiled a list of recent new investors in Korea

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- Microsoft to Build Data Center in Busan
- Low Labor Costs and Rent Key Advantages of Kaesong Complex
- Fox to Invest in Jinhae Theme Park
- Korea's Auto Parts Exports Hit High in 2013

Burgeoning Biotechnology a New Growth Engine
With the growing role of biotech industries, Korea is increasing its support for research, innovation and advancement in related sectors

Defending Sensitive Data
Data security provider Vormetric is growing in a highly wired Korea

Q&A With Anand Mahindra

Foreign Investment Ombudsman Honored by Gangwon Province
Dr. Ahn Choong Yong, who has long championed cooperation with local governments to support foreign investors, was appointed an Honorary Governor of Gangwon Province to promote FDI into the region

Establishment of a Foreign Educational Facility & Medical Institution Within an FEZ

IFEZ, a Global Hub of the High Value-Added Service Industry

The Dr. Will See You Now -- In Your Language

Korea offers foreigners a range of international medical care options
Korea's economic indicators at a glance, plus a notable number of the month