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Daegu to Receive Ministry Funiding to Supply Renewable Energy

According to Newsis News,

(DAEGU=Newsis News) The City of Daegu was selected by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to receive funding through the Ministry's 2107 Convergence Initiative to Supply Renewable Energy.

According to the City on Feb. 9, the Inivitative will provide a total of KRE 2.1 billion (KRW 1 billion from the national government), which will be used on supplying solar power and geothermal energy facilities (780kW) to 36 residential, commercial and industiral units within the Daegu Technopolis, located across Hyeonpung-myeon and Guji-myeon in Dalseong-gun.

The City had applied for the national funding in march 2016, forming a consortium with an installation company (selected through an open recruitment campaign) and the Daeugu Technopark Nano Convergence Practical Application Center.

In 2018, the City intends to expand the budget to KRW 5 million, supplying a total of 2MW to near 100 units. Information sessions for the next year will begin next month.

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Source Text

Source: Newsis News (Feb. 9, 2017)

** This article was translated from the Korean.