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UAM-Linked Mobility Industry

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From Ground to Sky - Daegu, a City of Freedom with Mobility

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Demonstration and Pilot City Creation
  • (Demonstration) Operating UAM demonstration route that travels along the Geumho River (logistics, tourism))
  • (Pilot city) Creating UAM pilot city, together with large companies such as SKT and Hanwha Systems
Korea's First 'Subway-KTX Linked Autonomous Driving' Service
  • (Subway) Extending the current autonomous driving pilot operation zone* to Seolhwa·Myeonggok Station and strengthening accessibility
  • (KTX) Providing Korea's first KTX-autonomous driving-subway service Seodaegu Station through a linkage with Seodaegu Station
    * From Dalseong-gun Industrial Complex to Technopolis, Suseong Alpha City
Fostering Future Mobility Materials, Parts, and Equipment Industry
  • (Motor) Specializing in the motor industry, a core part of all moving objects (e.g. automobiles, robots, UAM, etc.)
    * Generating synergy by concentrating motor-related value-chain enterprises
  • (Battery) Creating a mobility circulation park where battery-based resources can be recycled
  • (Micro-EV) Fostering regional industry ecosystem led by finished carmakers such as Daedong Mobility and supporting overseas expansion

DAEGU Future Mobility Transition Support Center

DAEGU Future Mobility Transition Support Center
  • Location: 201, Gukgasandanseo-ro, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Republic of Korea
  • Area: 94,565㎡(including proving ground)
  • History: Completion of the construction of ITS-based Intelligent Automotive Parts Proving Ground (2014)
  • Total project cost: KRW 97.5 bln (government funding of KRW 35.5 bln, municipality funding of KRW 58.3 bln, and private funding of KRW 3.7bln)
  • Major facilities: 20 test tracks including management building, maintenance building, test building, high-speed circuit, and 15 types of real vehicle testing & evaluation equipment