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Investment Promotion Division

투자유치과 표로 직위,성명,담당업무,연락처 정보 제공
Position Name Duties and responsibilities Tel.
Investment Promotion Division Manager Kim Dae-young General management of investment promotion 053-803-3300
Investment Planning Team Manager Jung Hyung-ju General affairs of investment planning 053-803-6200
Officer Park Hyun-ju Establishment of investment promotion strategy and major work plan 053-803-6205
Kim Jong-soon Support large-scale investment projects 053-803-3313
Jin Sun-mi Reshoring attraction and support 053-803-6203
Min Ja-young Subsidy-budgeting for local investment promotion 053-803-6206
Gwak Byung-hun Subsidy-budgeting for local investment promotion, budgeting 053-803-6201
Kim Sang-mi General affairs, accounting 053-803-6202
Future Industry Promotion Team Manager Kim Jeong-won General affairs of future industry promotion 053-803-3320
Officer Park Soo-hyang Future industry & enterprise attraction and support 053-803-3322
Officer Cho Hee-joon Future industry promotion
(Semiconductor, healthcare, ABB, etc.)
Kim Woo-jin 053-803-3321
Cho Hee-kyeong 053-803-3323
Leading Industry Promotion Team Manager Kang Yong-duk General affairs of leading industry promotion 053-803-3470
Officer Oh Yoon-mi Foreign enterprise investment attraction
(English-speaking countries)
Hong Jae-gwon Leading industry's investment attraction and support 053-803-6211
Song Seo-hyun Affrairs of Foreign enterpeise investment attraction (Japan) 053-803-3471
Yang You-jeong Service industry attraction and support 053-803-3472
MOTIE Lee Hyang-ran On secondment to Free Economic Zone Planning Office 044-203-4654
KOTRA Jeon Gyeong-jin On secondment from KOTRA (General Administration Support Center) 02-3497-1974