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City of Freedom and Vitality, Powerful Daegu

자유와 활력이 넘치는 파워풀 대구 자유와 활력이 넘치는 파워풀 대구
  • We are poised for take-off to prosperity for the next half century.
  • Daegu-Gyeongbuk new airport, development of cutting-edge technologies, and one-stop supports. Enjoy everything without a hitch.
    Daegu is your best investment destination. We are always here for you.

About Daegu

(As of: 2023)
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  • Location: Daegu, located in south-eastern Korea, sits in a basin surrounded by mountains to the North and the South and a series of smaller hills to the East and the West. It is about 80 km from the seacoast and 293 km from Seoul.
  • Population: 1,070,873세대 239만 3,259명
  • GRDP: KRW 57.7 trillion
  • Area: 883.7 ㎢
  • Administrative Division: 8 gus‧guns, 133 dongs ‧6 eups‧3 myeons
  • Export/Import: USD 9.678 billion / USD 7.374 billion
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Rising Hub of New Future Industries

Daegu, as the 3rd city of Korea, is striving to innovate its industrial structure by intensively promoting 5 major advanced industries based on the rich industrial infrastructure.

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Investment Magnet

Find the best industrial site for your business in Daegu that will come with various tailored supports!

(South-West) National Industrial Complex, Daegu Technopolis, etc.

- Advanced manufacturing cluster mainly about mobility, robotics, semiconductor

(North-East) Dongdaegu Venture Valley, Suseong Alpha City, High-tech Medical Cluster, Daegu Yulha High-tech Industrial Complex, etc.

- Knowledge service cluster mainly about ABB (Ai, Big data, Block chain) and healthcare

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