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Leading City of ABB-Based Digital Innovation, Digital Daegu

Regional hub of Digital Innovation
  • Title/ Location: Suseong Alpha City / the Knowledge-based economy zone located in Suseong Alpha City
  • Totla Area: 192,496 ㎡
  • Current Status: Enterprises (139), support centers (11), employees (approx. 3,600 ppl.)
    * Leasing Agents (43), additional 350 agents will start to operate in the end of 2023
  • Corporate Support Centers
    Corporate Support Centers
    Center Area ( (pyeong= approx. 35.58 square feet) Major Infrastructure
    Software Convergence Tehcnology Support Center
    2,822 pyeong
    (total floor area)
    ㆍDaegu Digital Innovation Promotion Agency (a regional software industry promotion hub)
    ㆍSW Quality Center (KOLAS SW test)
    ㆍSoftware Testing & Certification Laboratory (Good Software certification)
    ㆍVR/AR production hub center (contents production)
    ㆍK-digital platform center (training programs)
    ㆍthe Corporate zone (an area for 13 entities)
    Software Convergence Tech Biz Center
    3,961 pyeong
    (total floor area)
    ㆍDaegu Big Data Utilization Center (analyzation)
    ㆍOpen square-D (provision of space and training programs)
    ㆍStatistics Data Center (SDC)
    ㆍDaegu Edutech Soft Lab
    ㆍProvision of space for corporations (50 units)
    Daegu Sport Industry Support Center 2,800 pyeong
    (total floor area)
    ㆍIndustry convergence between ICT and sports
    ㆍTesting support for developing advanced sporting equipment
    Smart City Center 3,657 pyeong
    (total floor area)
    ㆍSmart city integrated platform/ data hubs
    ㆍDaycare centers operated for SME employees
    ㆍIndustry-academia campus on Software (Code alpha)
  • Invigoration of Daegu as the center of innovation
    - Operation of Suseong Alpha City Week and a committee of sustainable growth
    - Suseong Alpha city, designated as the first national software promotion complex (the Ministry of Science and ICT): 2023
    - Foundation of a National Digital Innovation Pilot Zone: 2023~2030
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The Foundation of the ABB Industry
【AI】 Building Daegu Support Center on Autonomous Manufacturing and expanding the use of AI
  • technology needs assessment→pre-consultation→verification of technology→testing→comprehensive supports that cover all stages to widely utilize technologies
  • Expansion of the use of AI convergence technology to cover major industries in Daegu, including automotive parts, robots, and medicine & healthcare after applying it to public transportation and urban management
【Big Data】 Building an ecosystem for data transaction and distribution and a support center for utilization of pseudonymous data
  • Creating data marketplace and providing support for data purchase (processing) and data-based product development
  • Support for utilization of high-performance data analytics infrastructure
  • Fostering an innovation zone of data economy by concentrating support infrastructure and support centers to promote venture business
【Blockchain】 Establishment of Daegu’s version of Mainnet and innovative support centers on blockchain technology
  • establishment of Daegu’s version of Mainnet →implementation projects to support Mainnet-based public and private entities
  • Identifying demand→ providing technology consulting→ providing comprehensive supports, including technology verification, to nurture blockchain businesses
  • Supports to create NFTs out of cultural heritages and assets in Daegu, a vibrant NFT marketplace
【Metaverse】 Metaverse-specialized companies and a supportive hub
  • A metaverse hub that covers the northeast part of Korea (Dongdaegu Venture Valley), VR/AR Production Support Center (Suseong Alpha city)
  • Fostering 'Metaverse Daegu World' by utilizing open metaverse platforms, providing supports to construct meta-factories in the manufacturing industry