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Digital Daegu, a Leading City for Digital Innovation Powered by AI - Big Data - Blockchain (ABB)

Establishment of a Digital Innovation Hub in Suseong Alpha City
【Growth Pole】 Creating a new space for the ABB industry through a phased expansion of the Suseong Alpha city

  • 【Cooperation Project with MSIT】 Proceeding with eight projects (worth KRW 2.2 tn) presented at the "Daegu Digital Vision Declaration Ceremony (Aug. 31, 2022)"
    • (Implementation system) Establishing the digital industry nurturing governance (managed by the TF team centering on NIPA-DIP)
    • (Implementation Process) ① pre-feasibility studies (2), ② pre-feasibility analysis exemption (1), ③ financial projects (4)
      ① Pre-feasibility studies (two): Projects for establishing AI autonomous manufacturing cluster (KRW 200 bn), projects for nurturing global digital talents (KRW 800 bn)
      ② Pre-feasibility analysis exemption (one) : A project for building the national data hub center (KRW 250 bn)
      ③ Financial projects (four): Forming an infrastructure led by the implementation of financial projects of the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), and SMEs, and expanding to the extent of a pre-feasibility studies (KRW 950 bn)

Infrastructure Project for the ABB Industry

【AI】 (tentative name) Establishment of the "Daegu Autonomous Manufacturing Support Center*," and spread of AI utilization in all fields**
  • * Discovering demands → preliminary consulting → technology verification → pilot application → phased support for full-scale spread
  • ** Prioritizing the application to local key industries, including automotive parts, robots, and healthcare, thereby spreading to transportation, urban management, welfare and other sectors.
【Big Data】 Establishment of "National Data Hub Center*" and "Ecosystem for Data Distribution and Transaction*"
  • *Creating an innovation zone for the data industrial economy by concentrating data technology support infrastructure and startup support space
  • ** Establishing data market platforms, creating high-performance analysis infrastructure, and supporting the discovery of data supply & demand companies
【Blockchain】 Establishment of "Daegu-type Mainnet*," "Blockchain technology innovation support center**"
  • * Building independent Mainnet → concreting consistency and credibility through a Mainnet-based city project and corporate support projects
  • ** Discovering demands → technology consulting → technology verification → establishing blockchain business fostering integrated support system

ABB Corporate Funding and Growth Support

  • (Dedicated fund for ABB) Strategic investment for the ABB enterprises with promising technology (KRW 3 bn, 2023)
  • (Daegu-type TIPS) Linkage with private investment of professional managers, and support for the commercialization of technology (KRW 2 bn, 2023)
  • (Tailored business fostering by growth stage) Prospective venture, high-growth companies, and leading companies (KRW 3 bn, 2023)