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Semiconductor Industry

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Creation of Sensor Semiconductor Foundry Industry Ecosystem

Leading the semiconductor industry differentiated from other municipalities by specializing in the sensor field, a key part for Data Economy including data collection and processing and object recognition and control
Operating "Sensorium Institute," a research center dedicated to advanced sensors
  • Establishing sensor semiconductor process equipment and promoting R&D on sensor technology convergence pertaining to five future industries including robots and autonomous vehicles

Promotion of Building "D-Fab," a Semiconductor Foundry Shared by Companies

  • Establishing semiconductor clean room and process equipment infrastructure for companies, of which the companies make use together and share the operating costs
  • Supporting all stages of technology commercialization (idea verification → prototype production → mass production) for localizing advanced sensors
    Secured KRW 1.93 bin in the 2023 government funding for D-Fab establishment design service
    • Attracting sensor-specialized companies and laying a foundation for startups through providing semiconductor manufacturing facilities and equipment