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Healthcare Industry

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The Leading City in Digital Healthcare Industry

Advancing the Digital Transformation of Manufacturing-Centered Healthcare Industry
  • Fostering SMEs by providing pseudonymized medical data tailored to the company's demand and providing technology support
    * Compiling the government's medical data, opening projects , and mediating between medical institutions and companies
  • Laying out the infrastructure for software medical device industry and supporting market entries
    * Supporting the demonstration of healthcare medical devices (10 cases of clinical trials, 4 cases of demonstrations)
    * Supporting the vitalization of medical device market entries (4 cases of innovative medical device designations and domestic licensing and 2 cases of overseas licensing)
  • Creating digital dental industry ecosystem by building Big Data station for the future dental industry
Establishment of Daegu-Type Citizen's Health Platform
  • Operating customized healthcare services centered on smart healthcare centers (Jan. 2023) ’
  • Offering Citizen's healthcare services based on blockchain-applied personal health information (digital storage)
  • Developing the medical service business utilizing data linked with citizen-enterprise-hospital & clinic
Support for Preliminary and Early Startups in the Medical Field
  • Linkage with the KMEDI hub infrastructure, and establishment of 'Medi-Valley Startup Support Center' to support medical startups (20’23~2025)
  • Nurturing specialized medical device talents , and operating graduate schools (RIS project, 2022 - 2026)

Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Cluster

대구경북첨단의료복합단지 대구경북첨단의료복합단지
  • Location: within the Innovation City of Sinseo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu City
  • Area: 1,054,000㎡ (Innovation city 4,216,000㎡)
  • Period: 2009 -2038 (complex creation 2009 - 2013)
  • Cost: KRW 4.6 trillion (government funding of KRW 1.1, tln, municipality funding of KRW 0.7 tln, private investment of KRW 2.8 tln)
  • Purpose: Supporting ecosystem (infrastructure) for overall high-tech medical companies / developing optimal drugs and medical devices and creating a condition for clinical trials

Innopolis (Medical R&D Zone) Meditech District

  • Location: within the Innovation City of Sinseo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu City
  • Area: 1,087,000㎡ (Innovation City 4,216,000㎡)
  • Period: 2011- 2015 (complex creation 2009 -2013)
  • Purpose: Concentration of the manufacturing facilities to produce innovative products for new drug and medical device companies through linkage with the KMEDI hub