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DMI to Inject KRW 11.5 Trillion to Build Country's Only Test Bed for Advanced Tools in Daegu

According to Newsis News,

(DAEGU=Newsis News) This year, Daegu Mechatronics & Materials Institute (DMI) will spend a total of KRW 11.5 billion (using national and city funding, etc.) to push forward with the Project for Upgrading Advanced Tools Industry Technologies that will culminate in the construction of Korea's only test bed for advanced tools.

According to DMI on April 5, the ongoing Project for Upgrading Advanced Tools Industry Technologies, launched last June, will focus this year on developing prototypes for high-value-added advanced tools optimized for processing new advanced material parts, and nanodiamond coating equipment, etc.

DMI also plans to build a new Advanced Tools Technology Support Center, the first of its kind in Korea capable of carrying out analytical testing and performance assessment.

While recent trends in the industry, where parts are becoming increasingly stronger and light weight, have seen rapid growth of parts made of difficult-to-cut materials, Korea had to rely on imported high-value-added advanced tools to make such parts, lowering their competitiveness in global markets.

The advanced cutting tools sector is a key pillar of Korea's manufacturing industry, as it the quality of advanced cutting tools has a direct impact on the competitiveness of finished goods, such as automobiles, industrial molds, machinery, aircrafts, ships and semiconductors.

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Source Text

Source: Newsis News (Apr. 5, 2017)

** This article was translated from the Korean.