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“Let us join a rainwater recycling campaign!”

According to Yonhap News,

“Let us join a rainwater recycling campaign!” The city of Daegu unveiled a city-wide project on May 9, announcing that the local authorities find participants who join the rain water harvesting campaign by installing water collection system. Potential candidates are required to verify their residency in local apartment buildings with floor area less than 1,000㎡ or a gross area less than 5,000㎡
Depending on the size of the container to store rainwater, the candidates are covered almost 90 percent of the installation cost (≥ 2 tons, up to KRW 3 million and ≤ 2 tons, up to KRW 10 million). Rainwater recycling is the process of catching rainwater runoff for later use on the property like gardening, cleaning or even for toilet water.
The city of Daegu has launched the program since 2016, installing over a hundred water collection systems for the past four years. They’ve saved up to 1,200 tons of tap water annually. A city official said “we’ve started the program as part of water conservation efforts to promote recycling of natural resources.”

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Source: Yonhap News (May 9 , 2020)

**This article was translated from Korean.