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The 17th “International Green Energy Expo” was held in Daegu city on Jul 15-17

According to Newsis,

The 17th round of “International Green Energy Expo” was held in the city of Daegu from Jul 15 to 17. The three day event was a venue where visitors could take a look at the newest trends and technologies of renewable energy at one place, a key to the state-led “Green New Deal”, recently proclaimed.

The city said on Jul 13 that the new deal aims at transition to a low-carbon economy, which steers its course to renewables from fossil-fuel energy sources to add new jobs and investments.

With constant success since its inauguration in 2004, the expo has already joined the ranks of one of representative events not only in Korea but other places across the world, being part of the world’s 10 biggest renewable energy expos. In preparation for the opening of the second showfield in February next year, the city is well poised to take another leap forward to being the fifth largest event in the world.

In fact, the expo has been supposed to be held in April this year but many of pre-registered participants have been forced to cancel the itinerary due to the ramifications from the coronavirus shock. As the long-delayed event was held this month, roughly 140 companies with cutting-edge technologies from 26 countries took part in, showcasing their products and services in 500 separate stands and booths. Guests were reassured that the venue is the best spot to catch the latest trends in renewable energy technologies and innovation at one place. Even in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, world’s top 10 PV cell and panel makers, along with inverter producers have attended to display outstanding technologies.

There was a string of events held at the expo, such as “2020 PV market inside”, open for two days on Jul 15-16 with five separate sessions and “2020 hydrogen and fuel cell forum”, a panel discussion inviting a group of experts in fuel cell or hydrogen technologies to share thoughts over the newest industry trends, policy and outlook on Jul 16.

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Source: Newsis (Jul 13 , 2020)

** This article was translated from Korean.