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Daegu-si to create large-scale self-driving research environment

According to Newsis,

Daegu City announced on September 1 that it will create a large-scale autonomous vehicle research environment by establishing a support center and environment for demonstration in order to become a leading city in future vehicles.

Daegu City, having been selected for the '5G-based autonomous driving convergence technology demonstration platform project', 'future car digital convergence industry demonstration platform establishment business', and 'automobile industry future technology innovation open platform ecosystem establishment' promoted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, will build an 'Autonomous Driving Convergence Support Center' that plays a key role in technology development for autonomous vehicles.

In addition, it plans to set up an environment for the early commercialization of autonomous vehicles by building various infrastructures for demonstration of autonomous driving on the actual roads of Suseong Alpha City, Technopolis, Dalseong 2nd Industrial Complex, and Daegu National Industrial Complex.

The 'Autonomous Driving Convergence Support Center' supports development of relevant technologies such as communication between vehicles and objects, big data, artificial intelligence, and 5G-based communication - key elements of autonomous driving - as well as technology development, manpower training, and service development required for self driving. Its construction began in August this year and is expected to be completed in October next year.

Led by this center, it has been planned to lay the foundation for creating various synergistic effects for regional industrial development, such as developing new products, improving parts performance, and nurturing future car professionals by connecting local auto parts companies/universities/research institutions.

An open platform center, processing all data of digital convergence support center, a corporate support center, and the auto industry, and equipped with expensive research equipment which is hard to afford for an individual company, will be moving in, providing space for local companies to utilize freely.

In addition, roadside devices, emergency detectors, and meteorological observation equipment will be installed on the roads of a total length of more than 100 km in Suseong Alpha City, Technopolis, Daegu National Industrial Complex, and Dalseong 2nd Industrial Complex to create the largest real road-based demonstration environment in Korea.

The installed equipment will make it possible to share vehicles' status information, road information, and road surface information to ensure safe driving, and collect information of autonomous driving system, each car part, and vehicle in all, contributing to technological development of self driving system and local industries.

The city plans to create an environment where the entire cycle of autonomous driving commercialization can be done in one place, ranging from testing on the test road to testing on the real road by linking the driving test center of the Korea Intelligent Automobile Parts Promotion Institute, equipped with the demonstration road of the largest scale in Korea.

By establishing an open data platform that comprehensively collects, standardizes, and distributes various industrial data in the automobile sector, which is difficult for individual companies to secure, it will provide customized information and support companies, testing, certification, and design to be utilized for improvement of products and development of new products.

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Source: Newsis (September 1, 2021)

** This article was translated from Korean.