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Daegu Signed MOU with Jiangsu Province, China

(DAEGU = Newsis) Daegu Tourism Promotion Agency (President: Hong Ho-yong) announced on 21th that it signed a MOU with Jiangsu Province Yuntaishan Scenic Area on 20th in Daegu.

The ceremony was joined by Vice President of Yuntaishan Scenic Area Committee Si-rui and six members of the committee and President of Chamber of Korean Businesss Lianyungang Doe Hakno.

Vice President Si-rui promised to promote the city of Lianyungang by holding promotion sessions and culture exhibitions in Daegu.

He also said that the city plans various promotion activities to induce Chinese tourists to Daegu.

Two parties agreed to exchange learning teams and staff members to utilize the specialized resources.

After signing MOU, the group visited “For.Rest 12 Spa Valley” in Daegu Dalseong-gun.

“I have visited South Korea many times but I have never seen any accommodation facilities which are so Korean and eco-friendly” Vice President Si said. “I am sure this facility can accommodate Chinese VIPs.”

He was amused by 600-year saint tree at the entrance of For.Rest 12, and other trees such as oleaster, baobab, Moringa, Euphorbia, Bougainvillea, olive tree, Ilex cornuta, Daphne odora and Pttosporum tobira, birch, zelkova tree, locust tree, oak, retinispora and laurel.

Vice President Si said that “after visiting For.Rest 12, my expectations about culture and tourism attractions in Daegu has increased a lot”, and he will promote Daegu in China so that many Chinese can experience Daegu.

“Daegu Tourism Promotion Agency will conclude more MOU with various nations and groups including China and Vietnam to vitalize Daegu Gyeongbuk’s medical tourism and general tourism industry.” President Hong said.

Secretary of General of Daegu Tourism Promotion Agency Park Jin-sik said that Forest Spa Velly” and “For.Rest 12”, documental films by China’s Hangzhou TV in the last September will be edited to three parts and broadcasted next week.

At the beginning of the next year, entertainment program “Kuailexingtianxia” will broadcast the same film with a new title called “Walkabout Daegu” for 56 minutes.

The program is as famous as “Runningman” in Korea and broadcasted 100 times. They filmed their first overseas volume in Korea.

“The reason why our “Forest Spa Valley” and “For.Rest 12” attracted Chinese television program is Daegu Tourism Promotion Agency’s dedicated efforts.” President Hong said. “We will push ahead and find out more little-known tourist attractions and promote them to the world.”

Source Text

Source: Newsis (Nov. 21, 2013)

** This article was translated from the Korean.