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Innopolis Daegu to Provide Forum for SMEs to Attract Investment

(DAEGU = Newsis) Innopolis Daegu announced on 17 December that it will hold “investor relations (IR) for Innopolis Daegu technology and financial network.”

“Innopolis Daegu technology and financial network” has been held every month since the last July to support the IR of top companies within the Daegu-Gyeongbuk regions and exchange of information between workers in the financial sector.

Diagnostic technology company TheBio participated in the IR and received an investment of KRW 400 million.

A total of KRW 10.5 billion was invested in the high-tech company Medisensor, the first high-tech company resided in the Innopolis Daegu.

The IR includes the introduction of three companies within the region and the R&D fund and lecture about the successful investment attraction strategies by the small and medium enterprises.

Also, 12 financial institutions, companies and relevant authorities will participate in the IR to review the new investment.

A company will be supported by the R&D fund once it passes the investment review in the IR, and it also can receive new investments from the financial institutions.

“Our company was able to launch a new business project – thanks to the support by the Innopolis Daegu. We expect the IR will be a great opportunity to attract more investment,” said Min Heung-sik, President of CMTech CO., Ltd.

“We will assume our role to actively support to create the venture ecosystem for the region’s companies and help them adapt to the market and achieve continuous growth in the long term,” said Im Chang-man, the director of Innopolis Daegu.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (Dec. 17, 2013)

** This article was translated from the Korean.