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Dalseo-gu Conducts Volunteer Activities as Year-end Ceremony
(DAEGU = Newsis) Dalseo-gu, a district in western Daegu, decided the last week of December 2013 as “year-end volunteer week” and will carry out various volunteer activities in welfare facilities in the region until 27 December.

Dalseo-gu have conducted the volunteer works in place of the perfunctory year-end ceremony since 2008, providing the rice and long underwear and offering free meal service to low-income households and other neighbors in need.

A total of 120 city officials are currently participating in the volunteer activities including free meal service in community welfare centers, cleaning and re-shelving of books in community child centers and lunch delivery services to the low-income households.

Officials also carried out a fund-raising campaign and delivered KRW 2.6 million worth of daily necessities to each welfare center and low-income household.

“We carried out the volunteer works instead of the year-end ceremony because we wanted to show those people in need that we are here to share their difficulties together. It will be great to see such spirit of sharing will spread across the local community,” said Mayor of Dalseo-gu Kwak Dae-hun.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (Dec. 26, 2013)

** This article was translated from the Korean.