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Technopolis Completes Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant

(DAEGU = Newsis) Daegu Technopolis completed the construction of its wastewater treatment plant on March 4.

The city also established a cutting-edge treatment facility that is equipped with total indium and total nitrogen treatment plant and an ozone treatment plant.

Daegu commenced the construction project in March 2012, and completed the installation of the facilities in last August. It has carried out a full-scale trial for six months to check the plant’s water treatment capability and completed the construction on March 4.

A total of KRW 20.5 billion, which was all funded by the government, was invested in the project.

The constructor of the project was Seohan Engineering & Construction. This was the first time the company carried out a wastewater treatment center construction project.

The quality of discharged effluent of the plant was proved to meet the effluent quality standard (BOD: 1.6mg/L, COD: 7.8mg/L, SS: 1.8mg/L, T-P: 0.05mg/L, T-N: 12.4mg/L).

“As the project was fully funded by the government, we were able to cut the construction cost of the industrial complex and, as a result, will be able to provide industrial sites to businesses at a lower rental price. The plant will also supply quality water to businesses as it is equipped with the cutting-edge technologies and facilities,” said an official of the city.

“The city installed all facilities underground and created a park on top of the site in an effort to eliminate negative images about the wastewater treatment plant.”

Source Text

Source: Newsis (Mar. 4, 2014)

** This article was translated from the Korean.