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Wonju Tourism & Leisure City

■ Development conditions

  • Function as nearby city of 2018 Pyeong-chang winter Olympics
    - Since Wonju is close to Olympics comprehensive special zone, it can function as tourism, leisure, lodging city
    - Synergies with Pyeong-chang winter Olympics is expectable

  • Cheap land cost and large scale of lands
    - Cheap land cost, which is only 26.6% of the national average official price
    - Approx. 2,628,935 pyeong, which takes 43.6% of total land, is owned by the government, and Wonju city is about to invest in city land
    - Various development plans are possible with providing a large-scale land

■ Development plan for each zone

  • Developing the best converged complex, considering accessibility, qualitative life style, connectivity with surroundings, entertainingness, etc.
    - Developing integrated resort for all four seasons by taking advantage of river and mountainous terrain
    - Developing station sphere ZONE, which connects to the cardinal points
    - Developing world city ZONE of Bed-town type with new concept
    - Developing Korean culture wave based entertainment ZONE and sports and leisure/eco-friendly theme park ZONE

ZONE Area(㎡) Introducing facilities
Resort ZONE 3,607,630 Hotels, golf courses, condominiums, ski resorts, casinos, water parks, commercial, cultural facilities, etc.
Sports/leisure ZONE 1,860,115 Sports Complex, MTB, off-road, Kayaking, trekking, rock climbing, training, Water sports facilities
Station Sphere ZONE 1,158,000 Shopping outlets, distribution complex, terminals, station sphere transfer center, shopping center
World city ZONE 4,122,900 Public housing, commercial facilities, business facilities, Green life facilities, schools, care facilities, migration facilities, etc.
Entertainment ZONE 1,160,112 Korean culture integrated complex, filming set, K-POP venues
Medical ZONE 1,440,200 Medical complex, Spa & Therapy, Medi-tel facilities, ecological healing Park, rehabilitation Center
Downtown ZONE 1,200,287 Square, Carnival Street, shopping malls, Museums, convention, beauty town, etc.
Eco park ZONE 3,438,500 Forest, Arboretum, ecological experience center, observatories, camping, straw track, healing park
Amusement park maintenance ZONE 1,948,764 Pension complex, swimming facilities, parks, trails, accommodation, experience center, etc.
Total 19,936,508 6,030,793 pyeong

■ Step-by-step development plan

  • Step-by-step development with the core businesses
    - Considering the various environmental and market issues, planned the project period from 2015 to 2030 with 3 steps
    - 2nd stage and 3rd stage area’s reputations and awareness can increase with promotion activities of 1 stage developing area where station sphere exists and traffic accessibility is superior
    - Stability can be ensured by-step development investment

Resort ZONE ㆍ4 season integrated resort, which correlated with Oak valley
ㆍEasy to aquire and develop, since most lands belong to the city
ㆍEasy to develop 4 season integrated resort with mountaneous terrain and seom river
Station Sphere ZONE ㆍWest Wonju station of centerline double track railway
ㆍYeoju double track railway connects to west Wonju station
ㆍTransportation hub of the country in terms of the cardinal point
ㆍProposing west Wonju station sphere ZONE
World city ZONE ㆍPlanning metropolitan bed-town, which is located 1 hour from Seoul
ㆍDeveloping new concept of World city ZONE with approx. population between 20,000 and 30,000
ㆍPlan to build foreign village by utilizing immigration for real estate investors policy
Downtown Entertainment Medical ZONE ㆍVarious facilities such as entertainment ZONE and Medical ZONE, are planned to develop with downtown ZONE as downtown area
ㆍKorean culture wave based entertainment ZONE plan
ㆍPlan to construct residential area around World city to better off for both ZONEs
Sports/leisure Eco park Amusement park Maintenance ZONE ㆍExtreme park construction for sports/leisure ZONE
ㆍEco friendly theme park construction for ECO park ZONE
ㆍActivation of Ganhyeon amusement park for amusement park maintenance ZONE

■ FDI Differentiation (Resort ZONE)

  • Resort ZONE FDI differentiation
    - Cheap land costs due to Wonju city’s contribution in kind
    - Ensuring the best accessibility with solid traffic system
    - Synergistic effect with surrounding facilities such as Hansol Oak Valley

Land Contribution in kind ㆍWonju municipal owned land, which takes 80% of the total land, is contributed in kind
ㆍSPC equity participation in Wonju: Permit Administrative support
ㆍOne-third of the national official price : low price
Infrastructure Support ㆍInfrastructure construction such as roads and bridges through public fund support
ㆍEX: Chuncheon Lego land bridge construction (KRW 94.5 billion supported)
ㆍLicensing administrative support, one-stop support with TF teaming
Connection to Oak Valley ㆍConsidering future expansion, national land approx. 200 million ㎡ is acquired as reserved land becomes the nation's largest resort if associate with Hansol Oak Valley Resort
ㆍDomestic resort development and construction companies associated support activities
Solid traffic system ㆍ108KM away from Seoul, and takes 50 minutes by public transportation
ㆍLocated at intersection where three highway and two double-track train cross
ㆍPropulsion of Wonju airport as International airport : attraction of foreign tourists
Investment incentives ㆍRight to get permanent residency, if investor invests more than KRW 5million
ㆍCorporation tax, income tax, acquisition tax, property tax exemption
ㆍAcquire a entering permit to foreigner-only casinos , when USD 5 billion investment is made

■ FDI Differentiation (Station sphere ZONE)

  • Station sphere ZONE FDI differentiation
    - Not only cheap land costs, but also active administrative supports for land acquisition
    - Synergy creation with the surroundings development plan
    - Best traffic accessibility with the intersection point of Seoul-Busan, Seoul-Gangneung railways

Cheap Land cost ㆍOne- third of the country's land official price
ㆍTourism & Leisure city : Land eminent domain exists
ㆍParticipating station sphere ZONE development after consultation with the National Railroad
Licensing Support ㆍInfrastructure construction such as roads and bridges through public fund support
ㆍLicensing administrative support, one-stop support with TF teaming
ㆍLand acquisition and civil administration supports
Surroundings Development Plan ㆍLocated close to the Wonju Tourism & Leisure city and knowledge-based city
ㆍClose to Wonju innovative city, Industrial Park, and Oak Valley
Solid Traffic system ㆍ108KM away from Seoul, and takes 50 minutes by public transportation
ㆍLocated at railway cross point (Seoul-Busan, Seoul-Gangneung railway)
ㆍTakes less than 50 minutes by Seoul Metropolitan Subway
Investment incentives ㆍCorporation tax, income tax, acquisition tax, property tax, tax exemption
ㆍAcquire a entering permit to foreigner-only casinos , when US $ 5 billion investment is made