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Duties & Responsibilities

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직원 및 업무현황 표로 직위, 전화번호, 담당업무 정보 제공
Position Tel. Duties & Responsibilities
Investment Industrial Complex Manager (062)613-4050
Investment Planning Team Manager (062)613-4060 General management of investment planning
Officer (062)613-4061 Investment promotion subsidy (municipal funding), Investment promotion commission
(062)613-4062 Promotion of investment attraction, Investment environment briefing
(062)613-4063 Local investment promotion subsidy (state funding)
(062)613-4064 Accounting & budgeting
(062)613-4065 Reshoring support program, Statistics management
Investment Promotion Team Manager (062)613-3880 General management of investment promotion
Officer (062)613-3881 Investment agreement signing
(062)613-3882 Investment promotion planning, Foreign investment attraction
(062)613-3883 Support for reshoring companies
(062)613-3884 Foreign investment attraction
Industrial Complex Development Team Manager (062)613-3890 General affairs of industrial complex development
Officer (062)613-3891 Medical-industrial complex
(062)613-3892 Pyeongdong Industrial Complex
(062)613-3693 Revamp of industrial complex
(062)613-3694 Alteration of industrial management & development plan
(062)613-3695 Management of industrial complex, Shared property