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A Safe, Pleasant, and Livable City

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A safe and pleasant, livable city

  • Foremost educational environment : The best education-oriented city in southern part of Korea
  • Pleasant and convenient living environment
    • Diffusion ratio of house of 104.4%
    • 90% of residents showed satisfaction living in Gwangju(Survey)
  • Nature-friendly green environment
    • Mudeungsan National Park
    • No. of Parks : 636 parks
  • Outstanding medical and health services
    • Accommodates 2163 medical institutions
    • 40 hospitals that are easily accessible by foreign residents
  • Nation’s finest cultural and sports facilities
    • Gwangju Biennale, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju National Museum
    • Nambu University International Swimming Pool, Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, Gwangju World Cup Stadium
  • Neat and diverse Namdo foods
    • Korean Table d'hote, Duck soup, rice balls, fried food with lettuce, boiled barley dish, Songjeong grilled short-rib patties
  • A safe city with hardly any large disasters
  • In 2018, selected as an outstanding agency in the national safety diagnosis
  • In 2017, recorded hardly any damages caused by natural disasters (2nd least, 2.4 million won)