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Clean Air Industry

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Creation of an Innovative Ecosystem for the Clean Air Industry

  • Establishment of solutions to defend particulate matters in all stages, including the emissions, generation, influx, and human health risk assessment
  • Creating of foundation for large demonstrations through innovation in the infrastructure for home appliances within the region
  • Operation of a large enterprise - SME collaboration projects

Establishment and Operation of the Gwangju Clean Air Appliance Innovation and Support Center

Clean air appliance innovation and support center
Clean air appliance innovation and support center
  • Location: Gwangju branch of the Korea Electronics Technology Institute
  • Project scale: 1,963 ㎡ (3 floors above ground)
  • Project duration: 2017-2021
  • Total project budget: 21.1 billion won
  • Project details
    • Equipment establishment: A total of 49 types, including the international electric safety certification and development equipment and performance assessment equipment.
    • Test and certification support: Support for domestic and overseas certifications through means such as tailored solutions to technical difficulties for clean air appliances and CA, GB, JEMA, and AHAM
    • Commercialization support: Support for uncovering companies that specialize in clean air appliances and global brands

Establishment of the SOC for the development of air purifying technologies and economic life

  • Project duration: 2019-2021
  • Total project budget: 18.2 billion won
  • Project details
    • Development of new technologies that control the outdoor air quality
    • Establishment of the clean air industry-oriented integrated support center for SMEs