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Gwangju FEZ (tbc)

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Gwangju Free Economic Zone

Gwangju FEZ (tbc)
  • Locations and size :4 districts, 4.371㎢
Gwangju free economic zone : Future car industrial complex, Smart energy industrial complex Ⅰ, Smart energy industrial complex Ⅱ, AI convergence industrial complex
Future car
industrial complex
Smart energy
industrial complex Ⅰ
Smart energy
industrial complex Ⅱ
AI convergence industrial complex
BitGreen Industrial Complex(National)
Energy valley general industrial complex
Docheom national industrial complex
Cheomdan 3rd
(Bukgu, Gwangsangu)
1.847㎢ 0.932㎢ 0.486㎢ 1.106㎢


  • Key benefits : Exemption of acquisition tax and property tax for 15 years from the business commencement date and exemption of the customs tariff (limited to imported capital goods only) for 5 years for foreign investors
Please refer to the information below
Automobile Convergence Industrial Complex - BitGreen Industrial Complex (Gwangsan-gu): 1.8㎢) ICT Convergence Industrial Complex - High-Tech 3rd Industrial Complex(Buk-gu, Gwangsan-gu)1.1 ㎢ (330,000 pyeong) Intelligent Air Industrial Complex - Pyeongdong 3rd Industrial Complex (Gwangsan-gu) 1.2㎢ (360,000 pyeong) Smart Energy Industrial Complex I - Energy Valley General Industrial Complex (Nam-gu) 1㎢ (280,000 pyeong) Smart Energy Industrial Complex Ⅱ - Energy Valley Docheom National Industrial Complex 0.5㎢ (150,000 pyeong)
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