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Eco-friendly Automobile Industry

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Established Gwangju Global Motors Co., Ltd., the First Job Creation Model Unique in Gwangju

  • Project duration: 2019-2021
  • Location: Within the National BitGreen Industrial Complex
  • Project details: Construction of a plant with production lines that are capable of manufacturing 100,000 light SUVs and mass production of the vehicles

Component Cluster for Eco-friendly Vehicles

infrastructure for the project of constructing a component cluster for eco-friendly cehicles
Eco-friendly automobile parts cluster and infrastructure
  • Project duration: 2016-2021
  • Location: Within the National BitGreen Industrial Complex
  • Total project budget: 303 billion won
  • Project details
    • Development and infrastructure for sustainable automotive technology
    • Construction of the advanced technical support center and the global business center (site area of 32,989㎡)
    • Establishment of equipment for the development of leading technologies for the future to help corporations (179 different types)
    • Support for improved technology, quality, and competitiveness of corporations and nurturing tailored professional labor force
    • Development of four promising and leading technologies regarding electric vehicles, electronic automotive components, weight lightning, and specialty vehicles

Korea’s First Component Certification Center for Eco-friendly Vehicles

  • Project duration: 2019~2021
  • Location/size: Within the National BitGreen Industrial Complex, the site area of 29,919㎡, the building area of 6,526㎡
  • Total project budget: 36 billion won
  • Project details
    • Certification and evaluation of the crash and impact of batteries for eco-friendly vehicles
    • Manufacturing defect investigation project