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Suseong Alpha City

Suseong Alpha City

Suseong Alpha City is a free economic zone designed to establish itself as the mecca of advanced IT companies and specialized hospitals
It will lead the national IT and medical industries by embracing advanced knowledge and expertise from abroad


  • Location: Daehung-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
  • Project Period: 2008 ~ 2019
  • Gross Area: 976,000 ㎡ (knowledge-based industrial zone 166,000 ㎡, medical zone 27,000 ㎡)
  • Implementer: Daegu Urban Development Corporation
  • Project Cost: KRW 617.9 billion

Site Conditions

  • Target Sector: Knowledge-based industries including the medical industry, IT, software
  • Rent: KRW 3,577,000/3.3 ㎡
  • Occupancy Rate
    (As of January, 2023)
    산업단지 분양실적을 나타내는 표
    Land Use Planning Total Area (1,000 ㎡) Number of Tenants Occupied (1,000 ㎡) For rent (1,000 ㎡) Occupancy Rate (%)
    Knowledge-Based Industry 166 139 entities 87 79 52
    Medical Zone 27 - - 27 -
  • Access: Suseong Alpha City is in the proximity of Daegu Metro line 2, Suseong IC, an entrance ramp to Daegu-Busan Expressway, and Daegu International Airport
  • Key feature: Placed in Suseong-gu, Suseong Alpha City is the most beloved county to live with dwellers of strong educational backgrounds
    Various amenities such as Daegu art museum, cinemas and big shopping malls
    Desirable living conditions with green spaces, Daegu stadium, and Daegu Samsung Lions Park

Major Tenant

  • Corporations: LOTTE SHOPPING Co.
  • Research Center: Daegu Digital Innovation Promotion Agency (DIP), Software Convergence Technology Support Center (SWCC)

Target Industry

  • Knowledge-Based Industrial Zone: Software publishing (J582), Motion picture, video and television programme production, sound recording and music publishing activities (J59), ostal activities and telecommunications (J61), Computer programming, consultancy and related activities (J62), Information service activities (J63), Research and development (M70), Architectural, engineering and other scientific technical services (M72), Other professional, scientific and technical services (M73), Education (P85)
  • Medical Zone: Education (P85), Hospital activities (Q861), Hotels (I55101)

Layout Map

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