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Suseong Medical Complex

■ Overview

ㅇ Location: Daehung-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
ㅇ Size: 1,227,789㎡
ㅇ Development period: 2008~2017
ㅇ Developer: Daegu Urban Development Corporation
ㅇ Purpose: Attraction of knowledge-based services including medicine, IT, and SW
ㅇ Target organization: Specialized hospitals, (government-run) medical related  agencies, medical tourism facilities, high-tech IT firms

■ Strengths

ㅇ Access to an excellent talent pool of medical professionals and cooperation partners for establishment and operation of specialized hospitals. (5 medical schools, 7 nursing schools, and 2 pharmacy schools in the region provide skilled medical staffs) 
ㅇ Best location for advanced research activities equipped with infrastructure for medical professionals
ㅇ A center of Korean medicine serving as a research hub of alternative medicine as well as integration of oriental and western medicine (integrative medicine)
ㅇ Demand for advanced medical services at home and abroad (Easy access from China, Japan, and Russia via Daegu International Airport and Gimhae International Airport)
ㅇ Related infrastructure through establishment of the SW Convergence Cluster (national project)

■ Supporting Infrastructure

ㅇ Urban life: Favorable urban residential conditions for living and education
ㅇ Convenient transportation: Subway line 2, Daegu-Busan Expressway,  Dalgubul Street. Close to Suseong IC and Daegu Intl’ Airport
ㅇ Cultural activities/Shopping: Various cultural facilities including Daegu Art Museum, movie theaters and shopping malls
ㅇ Greenspace/Parks: Daegu Stadium for strolling and jogging, pleasant residential environment, and Daegu baseball stadium (under construction)
ㅇ Medical service/Education: Medical town, medical tourism, foreign education institutes

■ Aerial view of the Suseong Medical Complex