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Korea Water Cluster

Korea Water Cluster

Korea Water Cluster is leading the national water industry to upgrade it to reach the global level


  • Location: Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu (within Daegu National Industrial Park)
  • Development Period: 2015 ~ June 2019
  • Gross Area: 650,000 ㎡ (business zone 464,000 ㎡)
  • Project Cost: KRW 286.1 billion (state funding KRW 240.9 billion, local government funding KRW 45.2 billion)

Site Conditions

  • Target Sector: Manufacturers and R&D centers related with the water industry
  • Rent: KRW 968,000/3.3㎡
  • Occupancy Rate
    (As of January, 2023)
    산업단지 분양실적을 나타내는 표
    Land Use Planning Total Area (1,000 ㎡) Number of Tenants Occupied (1,000 ㎡) For rent (1,000 ㎡) Occupancy Rate (%)
    Business Zone 464 36 entities 299 165 64
  • Access: Korea Water Cluster is 3 minutes’ drive from Hyeonpung IC and connected with 8 expressways
    An extension of the Daegu railway industrial line that connects Seodeagu KTX station and the national industrial complex is due to be completed soon

Major Tenant

  • Corporations: Lotte Chemical Corp.
  • Research Center: Facilities to promote the water industry( Water Convergence R&D, Water Campus, Global Business Center), Test Beds ( Test-Bed Plant, User-Customized Area, Pipe Network Testing Area)
  • Support Agency: Korea Environment Corporation, Korea Water Cluster, KIWATEC

Target Industry

Manufacture of textiles (C13), Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products (C20), Manufacture of rubber and plastics products (C22) Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products (C23), Manufacture of basic metals (C24), Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and furniture (C25) Manufacture of electronic components, computer; visual, sounding and communication equipment (C26), Manufacture of medical, precision and optical instruments, watches and clocks (C27) Manufacture of electrical equipment (C28), Manufacture of other machinery and equipment (C29)

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