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Gangdong Tourism Complex

■ Strong Foundation

Gangdong Tourism Complex project has been creating resorts and the Civil Safety Experience Center and it will serve as a foothold of recreational culture in all seasons by active investment in all eight areas.

■ Project Overview

  • ㅇ Location: Sanha-dong, Jeongja-dong and Gangdong-dong, Buk-gu, Ulsan
  • ㅇ Project Period: 2005-2018
  • ㅇ Size: 1,368,939 ㎡
  • ㅇ Themes: 8 themes including Complex Sports Area, Tower Condo Area, Water Park Area, Theme Park Area, Training and Leisure Area, Health and Resort Area, Herb Theme Area, and Youth Training Area.
  • ㅇ Investment Incentives
    Investors who launched the business in the complex with at least USD 20 million investment will get tax reduction.
  • ㅇ Investment Status
    Water Park Area ㅣ Gangdong Resort (Construction Developer/General Contractor: KD Development/Lotte Engineering & Construction)
    Theme Park Area ㅣ Civil Safety Experience Center (Ulsan Fire Department)