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Gwangju to Become the Mecca of Hydrogen Industry

According to Yonhap News,

(GWANGJU=Yonhap News) Gwangju Metropolitan City will accelerate development of hydrogen-related industry to with the aim to become a Mecca of hydrogen industry.

Gwangju said on November 14 that it has leading hydrogen infrastructure that supplies 207 hydrogen cars since 2014 until the end of this year, and operates the second largest number of hydrogen recharging stations in the country.

As of today, two hydrogen recharging stations are operated in Jingok-dong and Donggok-dong, and two additional stations are under construction in Byeokjin-dong and Imam-dong.

Gwangju will concentrate on hosting the Support Center for Product Safety of Hydrogen Industry in the city.

It plans to focus on attracting hydrogen-related businesses, identifying future industries and creating Gwangju-style jobs.

It will start from creating Hydrogen Convergence Specialized Industrial Complex in the Bitgreen National Industrial Complex, which is specialized for the automotive industry, by 2025.

The Specialized Complex will be created in steps with the government and city budget. It will include product safety support center for whole life cycle of hydrogen industry, certification center for hydrogen production technologies, joint research campus, hydrogen production plant, new and renewable energy demonstration complex and hydrogen energy experience center.

Once these special businesses are hosted by the city, a hydrogen industrial ecosystem will be created, from technology development of hydrogen energy and production to test and evaluation of hydrogen products, certification of hydrogen production technology, and exhibition of products related to hydrogen industry.

"We have been laying foundation for hydrogen industry since 2016 through the plan of creating the hub city for hydrogen cars, supply of hydrogen cars and infrastructure for hydrogen recharging stations," said a city officer. "We will focus on improving our status as a leading city for hydrogen industry and developing related businesses based on the forward and backward hydrogen industry."

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** This article was translated from Korean.

Source: Yonhap News (November 14, 2018)